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Train Like A Hockey Player

Our Fitness Training Aims to Improve


Gain the power and strength this season to see performance advances in skating, shooting, puck protection and body checks with hockey specific strength exercises that translate to the ice. Combine speed and eccentric strength for deceleration and change of direction.


The term mobility is often confused with flexibility, but they are two different things- especially in hockey training. If you're lacking mobility in certain areas of your body, it will limit your stride length, speed and shot power!

Speed and Agility

Develop the speed and footwork needed to increase stride speed and efficiency by working on hockey specific drills that will help develop a quicker start, change of direction and overall speed.


Get off the stationary machines for long periods of time and train in intervals to simulate hockey shifts with time to get a full body recovery.


Youth Fitness Classes

Included with membership
$ 20 /drop-in
  • Monday's: 6:30-7:30pm
  • Tuesday's: 7:15-8:15pm
  • Wednesday's: 6-7pm
  • Thursday's 6:45-7:45pm

Adult Fitness Classes

Included with membership
$ 20 /drop-in
  • Monday's: 6:30-7:30pm
  • Tuesday's: 8:15-9:15am
  • Wednesday's: 7-8pm

Limit 12 players per class

Change the way you feel, move and play!

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